Stick That In A Can And Drink ItKLRBZ Lineup Hybrid Zilch Dragon Spit Proto Livid Mocha Madness Luscious Latte Hazelnut

Under stringent and sterile conditions in our top-secret underground lab in the Himalayas, the Killer Buzz scientists have performed exhaustive tests on willing subjects, and recorded their experiences, ounce by ounce, upon consuming Killer Buzz:

2 oz Increased alertness
4 oz Heightened perception and focus
8 oz Enhanced energy and performance
16 oz Spontaneous IQ increases; gigantic thigh muscles
32 oz Telepathy; ability to taste colors
48 oz Power of flight; immortality

The Killer Buzz scientists have not yet dared to cross the 48 oz barrier, as our calculations show you would collapse into a singularity, an infinitely dense point of pure mass and energy, that would consume the universe. But we're working on it.

Stick that in a can and drink it.


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